Hen Nights

Perhaps it's time to discard those 'L' plates and dodgy nightclubs in favour of a more sophisticated hen night at home.

Your guests will thank you for organising a Pamper Party on the evening of your hen night, grateful to wake up in the morning without a hangover or embarrassing memories of the night before...

A Pamper Party on your Hen Night

A Pamper Party is becoming an ever more popular idea for a more sophisticated hen night at home. You can catch up with you friends without having to talk over loud music or being pestered by drunken blokes.

Our Pamper Parties last for up to 4 hours, usually starting at around 6pm. Prices depend on the package chosen and the number of guests and tend to be much cheaper than a hen night out on the town.

Organising your Hen Night

It is useful to have a designated organiser to collect payments and confirm guests and we provide an online system to help you to manage invitations. Once a guest is invited they can log in to select their own treatments. The organiser can monitor the organisation process and fire off a reminder email to any guests who are slow to chose treatments.

One of our friendly party representatives will give you any help you need and will prepare a schedule and itinerary for your party so everyone knows what's going on. Slick organisation is our speciality.

Complementary Ideas for Your Hen Night

For several years now we have partnered with ThirtyFifty wine tasting and Butlers in the Buff to provide additional activities at hen nights at home. We do joint parties and have collaborated on a website to bring you more ideas for your hen night at home.

See Hen Party Ideas at Home for ideas.

Further Information

Our Pamper Parties page provides details of our packages and we have an FAQs section covering commonly asked questions.

Pamper Party Packages:

Please choose from the packages below...

Express Pamper PartyTotal Chill-out Pamper PartySheer Indulgence Pamper Party

Pamper Party Add-ons From our Partners:

Ideas to spice up your pamper party...

Butlers in the Buff

Butlers in the Buff

Welcome your guests with a charming, semi-naked butler to pour drinks and serve food...

Thirty Fifty Wine Tasting


A wine tasting experience to follow your pampering sessions. Informal, fun and educational...

Thirty Fifty Wine Tasting


After your pampering, TheBartender can prepare profesional cocktails in your own home...

UK Pamper Zones:

We can pamper you in all major towns and cities in England, Scotland & Wales. We can also reach places that may be considered slightly remote.
Please click on the areas below to see the pampering services available in your area or alternatively use the postcode search box.

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